1. - Legal Details

Camelot Consulting Sociedad Limitada has its registered offices in calle Ochagavia, 37 – 28691 Villanueva de la Cañada (Madrid) and Tax ID Code no. B85049831 and D-U-N-S: 769082350. The Company is duly registered with the Companies Registry of Madrid in volume 24084, section 8, insert 1, sheet 182, record no. 432727.

2.- Acceptance

The use of this website is subject to the following conditions of use. We kindly request you to read them carefully. Accessing this website and using the materials contained herein implies that you have read and accept these conditions without any reserves whatsoever.

3.- Conditions of use

This website contains materials prepared by Camelot Consulting only for informational purposes. These materials may be modified, developed or updated without prior notice. Hyperlinks contained in this website may direct users to other sites and web pages operated by third parties which fall beyond the control of Camelot Consulting. Camelot Consulting is neither liable for the contents nor for the condition of such sites and web pages. Accessing them through this website does not imply either that Camelot Consulting shall recommend or approve such contents.

4.- Limitation of liability

Whoever may use this website, does so for his/her own account and risk. Camelot Consulting, its collaborators, employees and representatives are not liable for any errors or omissions found in the contents of this website or other contents that may be accessed through it. Camelot Consulting, its partners, collaborators, employees and representatives may not be held also responsible for any damages arising from the use of this website or for any actions carried out on through reliance on the information provided herein. Camelot Consulting does not warrant the absence of virus or any other damaging items that could cause damages or alterations in the computer systems, electronic documents or files of users that access this website. Therefore, Camelot Consulting shall not be liable for any damages that such elements may cause to users or to any third parties.

5.- Intellectual and industrial property

All contents provided in this website, which include, only as an enumeration and not in limitation thereof, text, pictures, charts, images, icons, technology, software, links and any other audiovisual or sound contents, as well as related graphical design and source codes –hereinafter the ‘Contents’- remain the intellectual property of Camelot Consulting or any third parties and such Contents and any operation rights attached thereto shall not be understood as assigned to the User beyond a scope as strictly necessary for proper use of this website. Any trademarks, trade names or service marks herein are the property of Camelot Consulting or any third parties, being it understood that access to this website will provide any right over said trademarks, trade names and/or service marks. Users undertake to make proper use of this website in accordance with the Law and this Legal Notice. The User shall be liable to Camelot Consulting or any third parties for whatever damages may arise of or in connection with failure to comply with such obligation. The use of this website against any properties or interest of Camelot Consulting or any third parties or in such a way that such use shall overload, damage or render unusable any networks, servers and any other computer or IT equipment (hardware) or computer products or applications (software) of Camelot Consulting or any other third parties is expressly prohibited.

6.- Contents

The User undertakes to use the Contents in accordance with the Law and this Legal Notice, as well as with any other terms, regulations and directions, if applicable, which may be applicable in accordance with the provisions contained herein. Only for enumeration purposes and not limited to this, the User, in accordance with the applicable Law, must refrain from: Reproducing, copying, distributing, making available, publicly disclose, transform or modify the Contents except for the instances authorized by the Law or expressly approved by Camelot Consulting or by whoever may be entitled to the ownership of operating rights, if any. Reproducing or copying for private use any Contents that may be regarded as Software or Database in accordance with the applicable laws regarding intellectual property, as well as its public disclosure or availability to third parties whenever such acts shall necessary imply reproduction by the User or any other third party. Extracting or re-using fully or a substantial part of the Contents found in the website as well as the databases that Camelot Consulting may make available to Users.

7.- Insertion of links to the Website

Any Internet users willing to insert links leading to this website from their own sites must comply with the terms and conditions detailed herein below. Not knowing such terms and conditions shall not relieve the user to bear any liabilities arising from application of the Law. The link shall only direct users to the home page or main page of the website buy reproduction of the website shall not be allowed in any way (inline links, copying of texts, graphics, etc.). Shall be prohibited at any rate, in accordance with the applicable law in force from time to time, setting up frames of any kind that may envelope this Website or enable the viewing of Contents through Internet URLs other that the addresses of the Website and, in any event, when such Contents are viewed along with contents not belonging to the website in such a way that this: (I) shall or may cause error, confusion or deception among users on the actual origin of the service or Contents; (II) shall mean an act of unfaithful comparison or imitation; (III) will operate to take advantage of the brand’s reputation and prestige of Camelot Consulting; (IV) in any other way that shall be prohibited by the applicable law. The webpage in which links may be found shall not contain any representations that are false, inaccurate or misleading about Camelot Consulting, its partners, employees, customers or the quality of the services provided. In no instances the page containing the link shall indicate that Camelot Consulting has given approval to the insertion of the link or meaning in any other way that Camelot Consulting sponsors, cooperates, verifies or oversees the services provided by the site containing the link. It is prohibited the use of any trademark, logo or a combination of the above or any other symbol of Camelot Consulting within the referring page except for the instances allowed by the law or expressly authorized by Camelot Consulting, provided however that in such instance a link to the webpage shall be allowed as provided herein. The page containing the link shall be in full compliance with the law and may not in any instance provide or direct to proprietary or third-party contents which: (I) are illegal, damaging or in violation of moral and good customs (pornographic, violent, racist, etc.); lead or may lead Users to a false notion that Camelot Consulting subscribes, endorses or adheres to or in any other manner supports the ideas, representations or expressions, either legal or illegal of the referring party; (III) are deemed inappropriate or unsuitable to the activities carried out by Camelot Consulting in relation to the place, contents and subjects of the referring website.

8.- Disclaimer of liability
a) For the information. Access to the Website does not imply an obligation by Camelot Consulting of checking the truthfulness, accuracy, suitability, proper application or completeness and updated condition of any information provided through it. Contents provided herein are of a general nature and only for information purposes. Camelot Consulting assumes no responsibility for the information provided in the Website or any damages caused to Users or any third parties by relying on the information obtained herein.

b) For the quality of service. Access to the Website does not imply an obligation by Camelot Consulting to check for presence of viruses, worms or any other computer damaging item. The User is at any rate liable for having available proper tools for detection and removal of damaging computer applications. Camelot Consulting assumes no responsibility for any damages caused to computer equipment of Users or any third parties during the provision of Web-based services.

c) For service availability. Access to the Website requires services provided by any third parties, including transport through telecommunication networks which reliability, quality, availability and operation are not a responsibility of Camelot Consulting. Therefore, the services provided through the Website may be suspended, cancelled or prove inaccessible prior to or during the provision of the Website service. Camelot Consulting assumes no responsibility for any damages of any kind whatsoever caused to Users which are caused by any failures or interruption in connections to/with telecommunication networks resulting in a suspension, cancellation or interruption of the Website services during or prior to provision of such service.

d) For the contents and services accessed to through the Website. The service for accessing the Website includes technical link-up devices enabling Users access other pages and websites in the Internet (hereinafter ‘Linked Sites'). In such instances, Camelot Consulting acts as a service agent under the provisions of article 17 of Act 34/2002, dated 11 July, on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services (LSSI) and shall be only liable for any contents and services provided in the Linked Sites in the extent that Camelot Consulting is effectively aware or an illegal situation and has not de-activated the link with in due course. In the event that a User deems that a Linked Site having illegal or inadequate contents exists, the User shall be entitled to notify such circumstance to Camelot Consulting in accordance with the procedure and to the purposes provided for in Clause 6. In no event such communication will entail an obligation to remove the relevant link. In any event the existence of Linked Sites must neither imply the existence of agreements with the parties being in charge of or owning the same nor a recommendation, promotion or endorsement by Camelot Consulting of any representations, contents or services provided therein. Camelot Consulting is not aware of the contents and services of any Liked Sites and therefore assumes no liability for any damages arising of the illegal nature, quality, failure to update, unavailability or any errors or unsuitability of any contents and/or services of the Linked Sites or for any other damages not directly attributable to Camelot Consulting.

9.- Protection of personal details

Any personal details which may be collected through this website shall be included in an automated file of personal details of which Camelot Consulting is responsible. This entity shall treat such details as confidential and only for the purpose of managing relations with customers and promoting the company’s activities. Similarly, Camelot Consulting shall cancel, delete and/or block any details whenever they are found inaccurate, incomplete or are no longer necessary or relevant for their stated purpose in accordance with the provisions contained in the data protection laws. In entering details in the relevant form, the User expressly consents that personal details may be used for the sending of commercial notices through e-mail or any other means. Users shall be entitled to revoke the consent given and exercise their rights to access, rectify, cancel and oppose by sending to such purpose a communication to the address provided for in Clause 1 herein and expressing a visible indication of the particular right they intend to enforce. Camelot Consulting adopts safety standards as required by Security Measures Regulation as enacted by Royal Decree 994/1999 dated 6 June. Notwithstanding the above, technical security in an environment such as Internet is not 100% assured and leaks may exist caused by third-party malicious activity. Camelot Consulting shall be entitled to use cookies during the Web-based service provision. Cookies are automated processes for gathering of data and information relating certain user preferences as detected during a visit to a given website. This information is kept in small files that are stored in the users’ relevant computer equipment in a seamless manner. Each time a user comes back to the relevant website, these files are automatically retrieved in such a way that the website will be configured in accordance with any preferences shown in previous visits. Summarizing, cookies are physical files containing personal information that are kept in the user's computer equipment and unequivocally associated to such equipment. Cookies are not able to read other cookies created by any other providers. Users have the possibility of configuring their navigation applications in such a way that creation of cookie files will be prevented or that a warning shall be received whenever an attempt is made to generate a cookie. The Website is accessible with no need to have any options relating cookie files enabled, although this may prevent proper operation of certain security devices designed for exclusive services requiring a higher security standard. As a general rule, the purpose of cookie files in this Website is facilitating user navigation.

10.- Reporting of any illegal or inadequate activities

In the event that a User or any other person in the Internet becomes aware that any Linked Sites refer to pages which contents or services are illegal, damaging, offensive, violent or contrary to moral, the relevant person may contact Camelot Consulting with express indication of the following details: Personal details of the reporting person: Name, address, phone number and e-mail address; Description of the facts proving the illegal or inadequate nature of the Linked Site; In the event of violation of rights such as intellectual or industrial property, the personal details of the person holding the rights so violated whenever the later is a party other than the reporting person. Furthermore, a proof of title showing legitimacy to enforce the relevant right must be provided along with, if applicable, entitlement to act on behalf of the holder whenever the latter is a party other than the reporting person, as well as an express statement that the information contained in the claimed is accurate. Reception by Camelot Consulting of the communication provided for in this clause shall not mean, as provided for in the LSSI, actual knowledge of the activities and/or contents stated by the reporting party.

11.- Law

This Legal Notice shall be governed in all instances by the Spanish law.

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